Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Step by step guide to putting together Inkjet Printed Cloth Flags

Hi here's a brief guide to putting together cloth flags. Firstly there's two golden rules and these are be patient and keep your hands clean. 

The image above is not hand painted and has been borrowed from Google and other  quartering the flag and some black lines to emphasis the quartering and the addition  of some colour to fill the two halves of the flag  where it wraps around the pole it's unaltered. However I have made  a schoolboy error and forgot to reverse the obverse of the flag. 

The Cloth sheets come with an inkjet friendly coating on one side of the sheet. The flag above has been printed on a standard Inkjet Desktop Printer using the Dark, High Quality and Gloss Photo settings  and having the paper set at gloss photo paper.

In short due to the highly absorbent nature of the cloth you need to get plenty of ink onto the sheet. Once printed leave the flag to dry for at least 30 mins as the image is prone to scratching  whilst it is drying, this is especially true of the sheets that come with a backing sheet adhered to them.

After the sheet has dried give the flag one or two very light coats of spray varnish, Humbrol or Plasticode clear are ideal for this, then leave the flag to dry , an hour is ideal.  NB don't use brush on varnish as this will cause the image to bleed. 

Paint the reverse with white acrylic paint, leave to dry

putting the cloth flags together I find Pritt stick or similar the best to use, just cut the flag out with a sharp craft knife and straight edge (a blunt one will tear and stretch the sheet) then fold the flag in half. Apply the glue to one side of the unprinted image and leave for a couple of minutes to get tacky. 

stick together using a light source; usually the window, to line it up. finally leave the flag to dry and once it has you can shape it, see below:

Paint the edges of the flag to match the field as there's nothing worse that bits of white showing on a finished flag. At this stage it's worth running a bit of paint up edge where the flag is wrapped around the pole as due to the nature of the weave of the cloth the printable coating can crack when stressed; painting this area also helps to highlight and gives a quality touch to the finished flag.

The finished cloth flag: D'Este family from around 1450.

Monday, 8 June 2015

print your own cloth flags

hi, I've managed to source some inkjet printer friendly cloth that 's a doddle to use without having any technical knowhow so I'll be starting to sell blank sheets so people can print their own flags from their own designs. To illustrate this the flag illustrated have not been hand painted  but taken from google and manipulated slightly.  The design has been taken from this excellent site of Italian re-enactors.http://www.famaleonis.com/ please have a look the gallery  images are superb.

Hi, I've placed the printable cloth up for sale on Ebay  for th eprice of 33 for one sheet, £13:00 for five and £25  for 10 sheets, here's the link to my listings if anyone's interested: petesflags 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Renaissance figures

Here's a couple of pics that two of my customer's have sent me of their figures with my flags. both sets are rather splendid the first is Cesare Borgia by Jim Clarke, I think Jim's done an excellent job on these old Redoubt figures and am looking forward to more images from this army as Jim works his way through it.

Burgundian standard bearer by Ken Pearce; I really like the way this horse has been painted and love the clean and vivid colours Ken has achieved on this Perry figure.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sir Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk

I've pressed the gentlemen pensioners into service once more to carry the standard of Sir Charles Brandon  Duke of Suffolk. This completes the sheet I've been working on for Henry VIII.

Close up view of the flag

Henry VIII flag sheet

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Henry VIII's Gentleman Pensioners

Here's an alternative flag for the Gentleman Pensioners which was a depiction of st. George and the dragon on a green field with a white and green border. The pictures aren't the best as due to the bizarre weather here in Sunderland today  I can't get the lighting right; i'll take some better pics when the lighting's better, cheers Pete 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wars of the Roses Yorkist Flags

I've finally finished my first set of Yorkist flags and placed them up on Ebay; hopefully there will be many more to come over the next few months. Cheers Pete 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Thirty Years War Swedish flags

Hi, when I first started making flags a friend asked me to complete a set of flags for the  Swedes and Imperialists, however I was never entirely happy with them so haven't sold them for a couple of years. Recently my interest in the TYW has been resurfaced so I've started 'dolling' a few of my old flags up by getting rid of the conjectural ones and repainting some of the originals. This is the first effort which is a company flag of Baner's Regiment which was a German 'black'  regiment; referring to the flags they carried  in the service of Sweden in the  early 1630's against the army of Tilly.